Creatively hilarious bar chalkboard signs

By the time these signs are done cracking your ribs, you’ll be thinking that their writers were definitely under the influence of something stronger than bottled water. Likely sampled their product beforehand…

  1. Triple distilled wisdom

2. Now will sound about fine for every drunk

3. Comforting…

4. When bar owner has been husband a long time

5. Fair trade, I guess…

6. The universal problem solver

7. When the Chemistry prof opens a bar

8. Too much of anything is…anythings?

9. Gambling on the intelligence of inebriates.

10. Philosophy! Pure, unadulterated…

11. Not the toughest of choices

12. Disclaimer!

13. A threat and a promise rolled into one

14. No arguing with this level of genuineness

15. The universal problem solver

16. Not a very high bar here…

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March 31, 2019

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