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Kimanthi wa Mutegi, aka Eshekieri wa Njogu –that’s me! A descendant of Njogu, the brave African elephant who stomped on a colonialist’s nuts to the acknowledgement of the legendary General Mwariama.

I am also a bloke who thinks creative writing is the most magnificent thing invented after the phrase ‘bar is open’ at a cocktail.

Tell, you can, stories, in so many styles. This is the field of literal freedom, where deliberate typos find a warm home. That’s because clever use of words, intonation and other …tions is an art that requires a rare gift, a delicate talent that is as fragile as it is resilient.

Many people think they have it but don’t. Many that have it lack the tegs on how to use it. In case you didn’t know, tegs is the new slang for wisdom.

Welcome to ‘MoreTegs‘ and let’s discover our gifts together.

Besides you, the other rulers on this page are two wise men- Baba Mwende and Sufferer. From two very different worlds, but so full of tegs.

Baba Mwende’s story sounds quite unreal. Dirt poor in his early life, now, close to a billionaire, if not one already. He’s 50-plus, father of three –or is it four? Very confusing because his favourite ‘daughter’ remains his niece Murugi. Pretty down to earth too, perhaps humbled by his earlier life. He loves to write, thinks he can write. He can’t.

It is just as well, otherwise, what would descendant of Njogu do with his skills?

Strength: He is blunt…well, he is wealthy.

Weakness: Arrogant and proud –if viewed through a sensitive lens. He isn’t. But he won’t care what either of us think anyway.

Oooh, and he thinks you are poor because you’ve chosen to be. He has some pretty hard-hitting tegs sometimes.

Sufferer Lives in the vast area of Kawangware, it’s pretty unclear whether its 46 or 56. His age is anywhere between late twenties and early thirties. If he is not driving or touting a Kikuyu – Nairobi matatu, then he is blacked out in a trench, hiding from a landlord, lounging in a police cell or a combination of the misfortunes.

When times are desperate, he ngetas folks (sedating a victim with his biceps before relieving them of their wallet) because as he says, ‘man must eat’. His best friends are Kirungustu and Masengele from Kitui. Their lives are a catastrophe of hilarious misadventures. Learn downtown tegs from them, like how not to drown in a barrel of busaa you jumped into, by screaming for help from the cops you were trying to evade…

And since we really want to make this a Kenyan journey, we would like to leave no one behind as we grow…:

So, are you a budding creative writer? Do you feel frustrated by some closed-minded gatekeepers snuffing the creative spark off your content?

Go through our website to get a feel of its identity. Then create and send us a piece, editor@moretegs.co.ke. We will look at it and publish those Random Thoughts that meet the threshold. If not we will give detailed reasons why those that don’t, couldn’t, so the writer can improve their tegs.

My random thoughts empty here as well. But remember, it is not so much about the story, but how it is told. So let’s just tell it…Because our stories can’t be told any other way…..